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The Band Waleska was formed in a barn of all places. Long time friends Nolan Hawthorne, Caleb Gayton, Skylar Scales, and Hunter Lanning began the band as a way to pass time after work. With a shared love of southern rock, country, and blues, the music became a way of life. In 2021, Dylan Little joined the band later replaced by Drew Ferney as a drummer and the very next year Wiley Sims took up playing the keys. This six piece band loves to play music that is true to their roots. 

As well as covering some of the greats, The Band Waleska has a fledgling catalogue that includes bar favorites such as Drinking Again and Devil in My Head which can be found on Spotify. Between Muscle Shoals and After Dark Studios, the band has spent close to 24 total hours in a recording studio. Their first full length album is set to debut sometime in 2023 (more on that at a later date). 

The "Waleska Boys" have played all over, from the Canton Theater, to Tooney's music venue, a Hot Air Balloon Festival Tour ranging from Jacksonville, Florida to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and they are looking forward to coming to a town near you soon! 

Meet The Band

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